How to Properly Mulch Around Your Tree Trunks

mulch around tree trunk in Minnesota

Aside from being beautiful to look at, mulch provides a lot of benefits to your trees, especially when they’re young. Benefits include providing a weed barrier, insulating the root zone, reducing evaporation, and adding beneficial nutrients to the soil as it breaks down.

​Mulch can be a great addition to your landscape but there are a few things to consider before you dive in.

When spreading Mulch around a tree, be careful not to mound it up against the tree trunk. This creates a mulch volcano, which can kill the tree because it allows the bark to be invaded by insects, fungi, & small rodents who burrow into the mulch pile. Mulch Volcanos can also cause the inner wood/bark to rot due to the excess moisture in the mulch. Additionally, mulch piled too thickly can actually block oxygen and water from getting to the root zone (where it’s needed most) causing roots to grow upward and around the tree trunk in search of nutrients. Roots should not be growing into your mulch if they are it’s a sign your pile is too thick.

The correct way to spread mulch around a tree is to apply the mulch around 3 inches deep to avoid putting mulch directly on the trunk. You will want to make sure the mulch is at least 5 inches away from the trunk. Spread the mulch around the tree into the surrounding landscape as wide as you like, tapering out to the ground level at the edge of the ring.

Maintain your mulch! Over time mulch will settle and breakdown so it’s important to maintain your mulch on a regular basis. Add mulch in areas that have become too thin and pull back mulch that has come in contact with the tree’s base. When reapplying mulch be sure to use the same type that you used in your initial application to match color and consistency.

When using this proper technique to mulch around your trees, this will keep your trees happy and healthy for a lifetime.

Now that you know the best way to mulch around your trees, it’s important to buy a quality mulch product for your landscape. At Minnesota Mulch & soil, we offer a wide variety of mulches for every need. Not sure which Mulch will be the best for you? Contact us at 651-330-0299!
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