Does Your Garden Need Topsoil?

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How to Find the Best Topsoil For You

Do you want your home or business to look as nice as it can? A well-landscaped grounds can make a big difference.

Sometimes, it’s hard to know what your garden or flower beds need to flourish. One of those mystery products you hear about is that ambiguous “topsoil”.

You likely have questions such as:

  • What is topsoil?
  • Is all topsoil the same?
  • Where should I place topsoil?
  • How can I choose the right kind of topsoil?

Our experienced team may have your answers!

What is Topsoil?

Topsoil is also called “black dirt.” It’s a mineral-rich outermost layer of soil that contains lots of nutrients from organic matter. The purpose of placing topsoil is to enrich or build up a soil-poor area.

Did you know – Topsoil has the highest concentration of organic matter & microorganisms and you can find most of the Earth’s biological soil activity.

Is all Topsoil Created Equally?

Unfortunately No, Various kinds of topsoil contain differing amounts of things like clay, sand, silt, and organic matter. Not just any kind will do! They are often mixed to specific ratios depending on your needs.

Where can Topsoil be Placed?

Topsoil is useful in building raised garden beds, setting borders, fertilizing gardens with bad soil, and laying a base for sod. In cases where you simply need to add volume to an area, using topsoil from your own land may suffice.

How can I Select the Best Topsoil for my Project?

Selecting the best topsoil for your garden or planting beds can partially depend on what the current soil is like. For example, soil with a high clay content may need a topsoil mixed with sand to improve the drainage properties and increase aeration. To test your soil, you don’t want to dig in just 1 location. Pick 3-4 spots within the project area and mix those soils together to get the average soil type.

Sandy soil drains too quickly; requires compost or cow manure to hold moisture.

Clay soil compacts tightly and doesn’t drain well; mix in sand.

Quality topsoil contains proper proportions of sand, silt and clay.

Buy soil test kit from garden shop or hardware store; select one that tests for nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and pH.

If needed, amend the soil as recommended. For example, if soil is too acidic add lime; if it’s too alkaline, add peat moss or sulfur.
Test soil annually, and treat it as needed.

​Click Here for more information on testing your soil!

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